The Science of Sexual Sadomasochism

The Questions

The questions that need to be considered by any serious program of scientific research into sadomasochism.

The Answers

A theory that I have developed which provides answers to some of these questions, in particular the what and why of sadomasochism and related sexual preferences.

Grant Proposal

An outline of a grant proposal to pay for further research into this subject.

Some Common Misconceptions

Common beliefs about sadomasochism and fetishism, which, as far as I can tell, are not true, or if they are, then only very slightly.

BDSM Explained, with Colorful Venn Diagrams

A Common Explanation for Sexual Masochism and Black Leather/PVC/Rubber Fetishes: Ignoring a Distraction

Enjoying BDSM: Sometimes you need to wait

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